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What are your shipping fees?

We charge a $5.00 flat rate shipping fee for all orders, regardless of the size of the order.  

When can I expect my order to arrive?

You can generally expect your package to arrive in 4 to 7 business days.  

Do you offer international shipping?

Unfortunately, we do not offer international shipping at this time.  

What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy can be found here: Refund Policy  If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you.  

Do you plan on offering more flavors?

Yes! We plan on coming out with a new flavor for our pre-workout and protein soon.  Stay tuned for details!

Are you looking for brand ambassadors and sponsored athletes?

Always! If you have at least 10k followers on Instagram and regularly post about health and fitness, please DM us on Instagram @cannatechlabs.  

Can I change my order?

Reach out to us at 253-209-9161 or via email at support@cannatechsupplements.com and we will help you out.  

Do your supplements contain any NCAA or WADA banned substances?

Yes.  Caffeine is banned by the NCAA and CBD currently resides in a grey area.  Currently both caffeine and CBD are not prohibited by the WADA.  

I am in the military, can I take your supplements?

No.  Unfortunately the military still has a ban on CBD. 

Will any of your supplements make me fail a drug test?

No! Our full spectrum hemp oil powder is rigorously tested to ensure that there are no detectable levels of THC.  

Can I take your supplements if I have a medical condition?

That is something you will have to discuss with your doctor.  

Can I take your supplements if I am pregnant?

Again, that is something that you will have to discuss with your doctor.  

Are hemp and CBD legal?

Yes! The 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp and all of its' derivatives, including CBD.  

Will your products get me "high"?

No! Our full spectrum hemp oil powder is fully compliant with the legal requirement of no more than .3% THC.  In fact, testing has shown that THC is not detectable in our hemp oil powder.   

Your label says Hemp (Cannabis sativa) Oil Powder instead of CBD, what is that?

Hemp (Cannabis sativa) oil is a full spectrum hemp extract that contains CBD, as well as other beneficial cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes.  

Do your products contain CBD?

Yes! It is not listed on the label, but each 15mg serving of our Hemp (Cannabis sativa) Oil Powder contains CBD. 

Why not just use a CBD isolate?

Because it is not as effective as full spectrum hemp extracts, like what we use in our products.  Studies have shown that CBD works best when it is taken with all of the other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes found in hemp.  This is called the "Entourage Effect". 

What is the extraction method for your Hemp (Cannabis sativa) Oil Powder?

Our Hemp (Cannabis sativa) Oil Powder is extracted using the supercritical CO2 extraction method.  This method is safe and delivers a pure, high quality product.  

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